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From a business perspective, strategy is the planning and managing of a large scale operation, like the execution of a company's business plan. However, in the execution of the business plan, the company often must overcome all sorts of obstacles in its path. They include contracts, lawsuits, compliance with government regulations, investors relations, and more. We focus our efforts on getting you the results you want with a minimal disruption to your business.


Negotiations is often viewed as a "someone has to lose in order for someone else to win". This is often referred to in Political and Mathematical Game Theory Analysis as a "zero-sum game". This is not to say that business and legal issues are to be viewed as games, or that there must be a loser in order for there to be a winner. When people enter into business relationships, the intention of the parties is to leverage off of their individual strengths to create something more than what they could have achieved on their own. This "growing the economic pie" philosophy is the basis for why people enter into business or commercial arrangements with one another in the first place. Negotiations is an art form and it is possible for the parties to achieve the results they desire by working together for mutual benefit. You either negotiate to get something you want in either business and/or litigation.


Contracts are simply agreements that are enforceable in a court of law. The intent of contracts is to spell out all the material terms and conditions that matter to each party so that they get the benefit of their bargain. If you have to go to court to enforce a breach of contract, you have already lost your economic advantage.

People often have two intentions when they decide to enter into contracts. The first intention has to do with the reason(s) why s/he decided to enter into an agreement with the other party. The second intention is the basis for the lawsuit for breach of contract. Understanding your real intentions for entering into the agreement gives you a clear line of sight as the possible actions that can prevent you from achieving your goals and objectives. Our expertise is customizing business and legal structures that best meet our clients needs in their business and personal projects.

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